Picnic at Tough Beach

Picnic at Tough Beach

Sweaty bods, working out. Drawn February 2007 while in France, printed October 2007 in Baltimore. Part 1 of a series.


Edition of 150. Heavily screenprinted covers, 32 pages, 6.5“x5”

“As a group of gods cycle through calisthenics and heavy lifting on the beach, Ryan does a fantastic job at capturing the movement and concentration in their lifting. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the gorgeous silk screened cover spotted with clouds. The cloud theme continues in the opening pages, as Ryan lays down thick brushstrokes that hint at the fullness of an illustrated cloud – nothing white and fluffy here. Those same thick strokes highlight the movement and startle lines that radiate from the heads and muscles of the gods at Tough Beach.”Size Matters

Picnic at Tough Beach, inside A

Picnic at Tough Beach, inside B

Picnic at Tough Beach 1

Picnic at Tough Beach 2

Picnic at Tough Beach 3

Picnic at Tough Beach 4

Picnic at Tough Beach 5

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