Robo Chicken Saurus

This is a special screen printing project I made in 2007, which I found many untouched copies of in my parents’ house in North Carolina, and I have to share with you. It’s a toy which you can fold to create many variations of a mega mutant monster called Robo Chicken Saurus.

Edition of 35. 10-color screen print, double-sided & folded, sealed in plastic. 7“x7”.

USA, $13 (+$2 S&H) Pay Pal or Pay Me

International, $13 (+$4 S&H) Pay Pal or Pay Me

It’s a little similar to those fortune-telling games we used to make as kids, but inside is a screenprinted collection of characters and vehicles that form an imaginary set of toys for boys – the “Rocket Car Stars.”

There’s a print on the back, too – another imaginary collection of action figures with various weapons and accessories.

This is an impressive screen print! It’s a cool thing so if ya like it, go ahead and order one. I have like 10 of them left and I’m selling them cheap, ya know.