Two Eyes of the Beautiful

Two Eyes of the Beautiful

Spring into the HORROR of Two Eyes of the Beautiful, a nightmare manga that’s ABOUT beautiful women, made FOR beautiful women, and drawn BY a normal person. I take it all back — this story is SICK, GROTESQUE, and ONLY for the BRAVE (and also the beautiful). May 2009. Reprinted with Risograph color covers July 2011.

Edition of 200. 28 pages, 4.5“x6”

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“I can’t recommend it enough. It’s creepy in a big way, and there’s still the big overriding mystery of how exactly they plan on making the movie star beautiful again.”Optical Sloth

“One one level it’s an experiment in wedding Smith’s thin-lined, loose altcomix style to the doe-eyed, slackjawed strangeness of Umezu’s character designs, and to the spectacle of his horrific “punchline” panels and pages. The wedding’s a happy one, milked mainly for the blackly comedic effect of the contrast. “Attention Deficit Disorderly

Two Eyes of the Beautiful

Two Eyes of the Beautiful, 3-4

Two Eyes of the Beautiful, 9-10

Two Eyes of the Beautiful, 21-22

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