Un Petit Carnet

Un Petit Carnet de Voyage

I drew and took notes on a trip to a Hiroshima, where I saw the Peace Park, a Sake Festival, and the floating tori at Miyagima. October 2008.

Edition of 50. Xerox, 36 pages, B6 size

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“This is one of the most beautiful minicomic sketchbooks I’ve ever seen”Rob Clough

“Here’s what I took from this comic: the impressive state of the trains, how polite everybody is with their fractured Japanese, the variety of foods, the awkward karaoke, the majesty of the trees, the architecture, the many wandering cats, how even the bums are nicer than here, the Atom Bomb Dome, and the horrific dog monsters. Clearly I still got a lot out of this comic, it’s that trying to read it may make you a little crazy.”Optical Sloth

Un Petit Carnet de Voyage

Hiroshima sketchbook