Weird Schmeird 2

Weird Schmeird #2

This is a 36-page collection of stories and drawings, made around the world. Wrapped in plastic with 6 handmade snap-together toys, in the spirit of physical mail delivery systems, this book will keep your hands and eyes off the computer for hours. 3 stories of action, horror, and tedium.

Edition of 130. Xeroxed pages, screen printed and lasercut toys on USPS chipboard, screenprinted plastic wrap, 32 pages, 8.5“x5.5”


“This comes loaded with so many arty special features you’ll think it’s a dvd.”Quimby’s Bookstore

“He could have stuck with any one part of this hodgepodge and made a strong minicomic out of it. As it stands, he went with all of them and made a strong minicomic out of that, and he could go down a number of rewarding roads from here.”Attention Deficit Disorderly