I was the Lead Background Designer on Battle Kitty for Netflix. The show was designed by our team at Netflix Animation Studios in LA, & animated in Unreal by Plastic Wax in Melbourne.

Battle Kitty was interactive! We created an entire Map World, a show within a show, with its unique design language. Not only were we making “chibi” (cut and small) versions of our characters and places, but we planned out exactly how they would animate on timers, with user input, in different stages.

I was a Background Designer on OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes for its full 3-season run, including concept work, designing our inking guide, and designing a ton of locations!

Visual development For Kevin Seccia’s Rumble City:

BG Supervision for Mulligan on Netflix. I was also the lead designer for retakes – so I did a lot of last-minute BG design, paint, props, as well as board layouts to send back for animation.