Riso Color Sciences Multipack

The Risograph Color Sciences Multipack is a references and instructions kit. It was created for my own personal reference. I wanted to have my own reference charts for various color mixes. I also want others to be able to use them. So the pack is designed to show you what I’ve found possible with the risograph, how I approach color mixing, and why I do it this way.

You can follow my way exactly! I’d also encourage you to think of your own experiments.



The risograph is like a cheap photocopier. It’s often compared to a screen printer or a paper offset printer. The most amazing things about the risograph are 1) it is cheap to print large quantities and 2)you can print in color. The quality can vary and I have gone through many trials to get the most out of it. I’ll explain clearly how I do this. But again, you should read this and try your OWN ways!!!


Four “faux-CMYK” screentone test cards, one Copic marker print chart, two sample prints, and an instruction booklet.

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