S.F. Supplementary File #5: Working In The Future

S.F.S.F. #5 is an action adventure story about the last mail carrier in the galaxy. She loves the old way of doing things… but she’s great at the new way, too. She manages thousands of complex computers and robots, but she gives them a human touch.

It’s Danny, the Space Fleet Central Shipping Services and Systems Supervisor (S.F.C.S.S.S.S.S.) on the S.F. Scientific Foundation (The S.F.S.F.), a floating space-base and research station that’s home to the S.F.S.F. Special Forces (S.F.S.F.S.F.), the most elite Scientist-Fighters in the galaxy, and boy do they send and receive a lot of mail!

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42 pages, risographed 4-colors outside and 1-color inside – PLUS bonus InSeRtS. Small format: 10cmx13cm. Order a copy for $5. Shipping is $1 US, $2 international, anywhere in the world. 

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