S.F. #1

S.F. #1 is basically a scifi story about a boy who joins a galactic war for personal reasons.

The main character is Hupa Dupa. His adopted mentor is S.F. Leader Ace. They have friends and many enemies.

You can buy it here for $5.

It’s 6 5/8” by 9”, 36 pages, risograph printed, and assembled by hand.

It’s the first issue of the S.F. series. It’s inspired by the work of Japanese mangaka legend Matsumoto Leiji.

“SF gives Smith an expansive canvas on which to deploy a take on sci-fi swashbuckling that’s… quietly silly, if that’s possible.” – Sean T. Collins

“SF will feel like Uncle Scrooge’s vault: a place of joy, worth drowning in.” –Tucker Stone

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